Our Team

The Massage Experts

Al Vonderahe

Al's decades-long passion turned into his life"s work when he attended The Somerset School for Massage Therapy, wherein in 1994, he earned his basic certification in Massage Therapy. Immediately after that, he earned certifications in Myofacial Therapy and NeuroMuscular Therapy. Additionally, he is nationally tested and certified by The National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork. His passion roots itself in rehabilitative deep tissue work. Al is the past Chairman of The New Jersey Massage and Bodywork Examining Committee, which the New Jersey Board of Nursing regulates

Joann Stevens

Joann earned her certification in Massage Therapy in the early nineties and has been deeply involved in and devoted to this multifaceted profession ever since. Her ever-evolving skill set includes both full-body relaxation sessions (also known as Swedish or Spa Massage), and considerably deeper and more specific Medical Massages. Furthermore, she is fully certified in VODDER Technique of Manual Lymph Drainage. Joann is one of those rare practitioners gifted with an extraordinary level of dedication and experience, allowing her singular style to be honed and perfected.

Elaine Meehan, Esthetician Extraordinaire

Elaine is a well-respected and vastly experienced Medical Esthetician in our area and is an old friend! With varied extra "Medical" certifications and over eight years working with a leading area Dermatologist, as well as three years in an upscale Spa, Elaine does it all! Her considerable expertise in "Microdermabrasions," "Chemical Peels," and her comprehensive knowledge of budget-savvy products for a healthy regimen of home care qualify Elaine to offer a wide diverse selection of services.

Cathy Vonderahe

Office Manager